Grid structural assembly

The grid is the backbone of Instock ASRS, designed as a stable structure with zero moving parts. It forms the operational arena for Instock robots and provides points of interaction for associates. Grid installation happens in stages:

  • grid structure
  • grid safety barrier
  • grid accessories

Gridcell #

The grid is assembled level-by-level on a concrete slab. The basic building block of the grid is a gridcell, composed of three main structural elements:

  • sandwich panels (1)
  • columns (2)
  • connectors (3)

Gridcells are reinforced with various structural elements such as anchors, bracing brackets, and bracing bars to conform to seismic safety standards.

Instock ASRS gridcell

Tools and equipment #

Vertical installation of the grid structure (excludes anchoring) requires only:

  • screwdrivers with phillips bits
  • socket wrenches/impact driver

Instock provides a comprehensive set of instructions and support for each use case.

Connector use cases #

The connector is the focal point of physical grid assembly because most of the structural elements are mounted to a connector in a variety of use cases and adaptations. Instock provides a level-by-level layout of connector use cases for each particular site. Connector use cases are identified by a numeric ID (e.g. 53.9) and respective color codes on the instructions for every single level. For example:

Single level connector layout

Below is an exhaustive list of all possible connector use cases. Click on the use case to access the assembly manual.

Baseplate connectors (floor of level 1) #


Mid-level connectors #


Top-level connectors (ceiling of top level) #


Bracing #

Bracing is installed where necessary to provide additional support for dynamic loads. Turnbuckles in the bracing setup can be tightened after all relevant connectors are fully installed.

Click on the bracing image below to access the assembly manual.

53.14 – bracing

Ramps #

Instock robots are using ramps to climb vertically and position themselves at a desired level. In the current version of Instock ASRS only two types of ramps are in use: 1) ramps within the same level and 2) ramps between two levels. Using the first type of ramp, robots move between the floor and ceiling of the same level. With the second type, robots move from the floor of one level to the ceiling of the next level up.

For more details, click on the ramp image below:

53.30 – multiple ramps positioning

Ladder #

The ladder is a vertical access point for associates to enter the grid through the doors for human access or to get to the top level of the grid.

For more details, click on the ladder image below: