Empty bin extraction

Table of Contents

Use case #

Empty Bin Extraction mode allows Associates to remove empty bins from the ASRS. It can be used in the following use cases:

  • Removal of unnecessary empty bins
  • Bin model change
  • Removal of a damaged bin.

Workflow #

Empty bin extraction workstation mode
  1. Associate activates Empty Bin Extraction mode.
  2. Robots start driving toward the workstation with empty bins. Incloud screen displays “Summoning robots” message.
  3. One or several robots arrive with empty bins at the workstation’s channel(s).
  4. Respective channel put-to-lights start glowing when robot arrives and is ready for bin extraction.
  5. Associate takes empty bin off the robot.
  6. Associate presses put-to-light button in the respective channel.
  7. Put-to-light is switched off for the channel.
  8. Empty robot drives away.
For the flows of bin model change or maintenance of bins please contact support.

Exit workflow #

Associate has two ways to exit empty bin extration mode:

  1. Change mode
  2. Logout
Once Associate exits the mode, Incloud asks the Associate to confirm the decision by pressing “Done” button. All robots that were on the way to workstation cancel their current tasks and return empty bins to storage locations. Associate must make sure that there are no empty robots left at workstation upon exiting “Empty Bin Extraction” mode.