Table of Contents

Use case #

Consolidation mode facilitates consolidation of identical products that are scattered across miltiple bin cells. This process can be run during non-peak times in order to increase efficiency of later picking.

Workflow #

Consolidation workstation mode
  1. Associate activates consolidation mode.
  2. Incloud shows a list of articles sorted by highest underutilized volume on top.
  3. Associate selects one or several articles from the list.
  4. Incloud selects which bins of each article to summon – the most underutilized are coming first.
  5. Robots bring two or more bins to the workstation with the requested product.
  6. Associates selects from which source cell to which target cell items will move.
  7. Put-to-light button glows on selected target channel.
  8. Associate moves full quantity from the source cell into the target cell and pushes put-to-light button to confirm.
  9. Associate taps on “Take bin away” button in the UI on the source channel when there is no more product items to consolidate.
  10. Associate taps on “Take bin away” button in the UI on the target channel when cells of the target bin are filled and cannot hold more of the product.
  11. Robot takes the bin away to the storage location.
  12. Robots continue to bring requested products until all cell with selected products were called at least once. Associate may exit from consolidation mode at any moment.

Exit workflow #

Associate has two ways to exit consolidation mode:

  1. Change mode
  2. Logout