Empty bin reception

Table of Contents

Use case #

Empty Bin Reception mode allows Associates to load empty bins into the ASRS to increase the storage capacity. Empty Bin Reception mode can be used in the following use cases:

  • Initial bin loading into ASRS,
  • Load of additional bins into ASRS.

Workflow #

Empty bin reception workstation mode
  1. Associate activates Empty Bin Reception mode.
  2. Empty robots start driving toward the workstation. Incloud screen displays “Summoning robots” message. If there are no robots available, for example robots are charging or require maintenance, then Incloud displays “Not enough robots” message.
  3. One or several empty robots arrive at the workstation’s channel(s).
  4. Respective channel(s) put-to-lights start glowing when robot arrives and is ready to receive an empty bin.
  5. Associate scans bin barcode with barcode scanner.
  6. Associate puts empty bin onto the robot.
  7. Associate presses the glowing put-to-light button. Green sign and the bin’s serial number are displayed on the screen.
  8. Put-to-light is switched off for the respective channel.
  9. Robot takes bin away to the storage location. Incloud continues to show other channels ready to receive bins.

Exit workflow #

Associate has two ways to exit empty bin reception mode:

  1. Change mode
  2. Logout
Once workstation mode is changed or the Associate logs out, Incloud asks the Associate to confirm
the decision by pressing “Done” button. Associate must make sure that no bins are left on robots at workstation upon exiting “Empty Bin Reception” mode.