Bin defragmentation

Table of Contents

Use case #

Bin defragmentation mode allows associates to free up underutilized bins so that there would be more empty bins in the ASRS. Contrary to the Product consolidation mode, defragmentation does not take into account product distribution.

Workflow #

Defragmentation workstation mode
  1. Associate activates defragmentation mode.
  2. Incloud selects underutilized bins to summon.
  3. Robots bring two or more bins to workstation.
  4. Associate selects in the UI source cell and target cell for items move.
  5. Associate may also adjust the number of goods to be moved if required.
  6. Put-to-light button glows on the target channel.
  7. Associate puts all items from the source cell to the target cell and pushes put-to-light to confirm.
  8. Associate taps on “Bin is full” to confirm that the target bin is full. 
  9. Robot is taking away the target bin from workstation.
  10. Robot is taking away source bin to storage location, if bin is completely empty (there are no occupied cells).
  11. If source bin is not empty, associate waits for a new target bin to arrive or switches to the channel with the available target bin, then steps 4-7 are repeated.

Exit workflow #

Associate has two ways to exit defragmentation mode:

  1. Change mode
  2. Logout