Table of Contents

Use case #

Counting mode enables product retrieval by bringing bins to the workstation on demand. Once bins arrive to the workstation operators may choose to:

  • Adjust records of product quantity in the System
  • Physically remove or add product quantity
  • Count products to support cycle counting or other processes.

Workflow #

Counting workstation mode
  1. Associate activates counting mode.
  2. Associate selects products to count.
  3. Robots drive to the workstation with bins containing requested products. Incloud screen displays “Summoning robots” message.
  4. One or several robots arrive to the workstation channels.
  5. Respective channels put-to-lights glow when robot arrives with the bin. Incloud automatically selects which channel the Associate should work on.
  6. Incloud displays product quantity in each cell of the bin of the respective channel.
  7. Associate counts or adjusts the actual quantity of a product and, if required, updates the quantity.
  8. Associate presses put-to-light button in the respective channel.
  9. Put-to-light is switched off for the channel.
  10. Robot takes the bin away to the storage location. Associate decides whether to proceed further with counting or to exit the mode.

Associate can exit “Counting” mode at any time. The System assumes the Associate takes responsibility ensure the actual quantity of products corresponds to the quantity displayed by Incloud.

Exit workflow #

Associate has two ways to exit counting mode:

  1. Change mode
  2. Logout