Keep it simple, build it strong

Instock’s main physical structure for inventory is the grid. It is modular in design down to the cellular level — the gridcell level, that is. A gridcell is simply a cube of four columns connected to two panels that form the foundation of our functional design.

The Instock workstation is a module that is flexibly inserted at the perimeter of the grid on the ground level. Unlike traditional solutions, our workstation footprint is within the grid, thereby contributing to an extraordinary per-square-foot density amongst 3D G2P offerings.

The decision of how many workstations to install in a grid is driven only by operational efficiency, as we do not charge for these. A workstation may occupy one gridcell with two simultaneous bin-presentations or occupy two gridcells with four simultaneous bin presentations. Finally, all inbound and outbound operations are equally supported at all workstations.

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