Enjoy ensured No-SPOF

Uninterrupted fulfillment

SPOF (Single Point of Failure) is one of the most common triggers for downtime in fulfillment operations. We go far to ensure operators have 24/7 access to inventory. All of our hardware components are designed to have NO SPOF. Every workstation can support all inbound/outbound functions and all ramps are duplicated in every grid installation. Finally, every robot in the grid can perform all the functions and reach every bin inside the grid.

Get powered by cloud

Resilient software

To minimize the risk of software failure, Instock’s software is cloud-based and utilizes high-availability best practices. Cloud infrastructure relieves retailers from on-prem maintenance expenses and provides undisrupted access to fulfillment data. Instock does not require on-prem servers, only Internet connectivity.

Human-friendly hardware

Designed for 24/7

The only moving component of the system is the autonomous mobile robot (AMR). Robots know when they need to charge and make their way to charging stations. They also continuously run health checks enabling preventative maintenance. Malfunction of a single robot intercepted by remote monitoring will lead to a slight reduction in throughput capacity, but will not interrupt operations.

Outage tolerant

Truly mobile robots

Power outage or internet connectivity issues can catch businesses off-guard. In the event of a temporary outage, Instock’s AMRs will continue fulfilling tasks already communicated to them by Incloud. Once power/connectivity is restored robots will continue, no restarts are required.

Don’t pay (just) for potential

Self-service protocols

All robots are identical and require nominal on-site maintenance that can be supported by associates. If additional service is required the robot is simply boxed and shipped to Instock. Spare robots are always available at the fulfillment site. Our grid is a solid and without any moving parts, therefore it does not require structural maintenance.

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