Instock Launches Gravity-Defying Robotics Automation With GoBolt

Rebecca Dyer

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San Carlos, CA / BUSINESS WIRE - Instock, a Fulfillment Automation Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) provider, today announces that it has partnered with GoBolt, a North American third-party logistics provider, to implement Instock’s novel technology in select GoBolt warehouse operations. On the heels of Instock announcing investment led by the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, this is a significant milestone in the company’s continued growth and commitment to democratizing automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).

The partnership of Instock and GoBolt is a testament to each company’s dedication to efficiency, scalability, and technology-enabled innovation. Launching this month, Instock’s high-performance fulfillment RaaS will enhance GoBolt’s fulfillment capabilities to continue providing unparalleled services to clients across the country and enable its warehouse associates to focus on more complex responsibilities.

“The Instock team is made up of engineers and operators who have stood hand-in-hand for many years with eCommerce operators. We have seen first-hand how traditional technology has added significant complexity and increasing costs instead of simplifying operations and improving the bottom line,” said Instock CEO and Co-Founder Yegor Anchyshkin. “Grounded in this experience, we went to the drawing board to design something radically different. From manufacturing, to deployment, through installation and maintenance - we are laser focused on reducing risk and creating value for 3PLs, retailers and eCommerce operators at every step of the way.”

Headquartered in Toronto, GoBolt is a technology company building the largest sustainable supply chain network. They are dedicated to transforming the traditional logistics paradigm through the delivery of comprehensive and sustainable solutions, powered by innovative technology. GoBolt’s technology choices and ongoing expansion are guided by its pledge to streamline customer supply chains, enhance transparency for retail partners, and contribute to environmental betterment by minimizing its carbon footprint.

“GoBolt is thrilled to partner with Instock in powering fulfillment automation,” said Mark Ang, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GoBolt. “This inaugural project is just the beginning of our journey to empower warehouse employees with automation, helping free up their time to address increasingly complex tasks.”

The partnership of Instock and GoBolt sets the stage for how ASRS RaaS with thoughtfully enabled self-service can meaningfully power eCommerce fulfillment operations.

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About Instock

Instock Inc. delivers a fully as-a-Service Automated Storage and Retrieval Solution (ASRS) for micro-fulfillment operators. Current market offerings are underserving the needs of retailers and 3PLs demanding better productivity, higher inventory density, and better cost efficiency. Instock’s breakthrough technology addresses these demands by using a software-driven architecture, a high-fidelity simulation-first approach and by enabling self-service for day-to-day operations. They are making goods-to-person automation accessible to every fulfillment business with radically improved flexibility, modularity, and price point. For more information visit

About GoBolt
Founded in 2017, GoBolt is a technology company building the largest sustainable supply chain network that partners with merchants to deliver a complete end-to-end customer experience. By operating as an extension of each merchant’s team, GoBolt provides reliable warehousing, pick and pack, shipping, and last-mile delivery solutions. With a growing network of warehouses across North America and a suite of proprietary apps designed and supported by an in-house engineering team, GoBolt unlocks enhanced transparency and control for merchants. The company’s focus on customer-centricity is further driven by a deep commitment to sustainability. GoBolt is proud to offer carbon-neutral deliveries by prioritizing delivery in an electric vehicle and sequestering equivalent carbon emissions when that is not possible. For more information, visit

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