Table of Contents

Fulfillment configuration #

Before launching the ASRS, either in simulation or physical installation, the following variables must be set:

  • Product Information Management (PIM)
    • Regular additional attributes of product records (e.g. units_per_carton, carton_dimensions).
      Find more details in PIM section of Instock API.
  • Order Management (OMS)
    • Regular additional attributes of customer orders (e.g. pick_by, route_id).
    • Mode of customer order picking: ASRS bin → ASRS bin or ASRS bin → external container
    • Partial picking policy: define if System should reserve inventory for customer order or order lines
      in case there is not enough free inventory.
    • Reservation function: defines a moment in time to add a customer order into the FIFO queue. Arguments for the reservation function may be sourced from attributes of customer orders. Example: A pick_by time attribute is given for each customer order by Host system. Reserve time is then calculated by the reservation function as being 30 minutes prior to pick_by time.

There are several configuration variables, however, their default value will suffice for site launch. Workstation processes (picking, decanting, etc.) do not require configuration. Switching between operating processes depends only on the Associate’s choice. At any moment, any of the processes at the workstation may be paused and another process may be started.